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Various types of plating - Zinc, Nickel, Chrome, Hard Chrome, Copper, Precious Metal & Type I, II, III Anodizing on Aluminum and  Titanium.

Seawater Desalination, Wastewater Treatment.

  Multiple Facilities in California. Top-tier Professional Grade Metal Finishing & Water Treatment Specialized Rectifiers.

   49 Years of Experience Focusing on Rectifiers. Repair/Recondition Service available. Call Today.


Anodizing & Plating | Waste Water / Gas Treatment | Airspace / Auto Metal Enhancements. | Solar Panel Plating | Special Sourcing Serv.

  • SCR, Switch, Pulse Reverse, Automatic Control Rectifier.

  • Wet/Dry Vertical, Self-Priming, Diaphragm,  and Magnetic Pumps.

  • Multiple quality uses of MIL-C-14550 & MIL-A-8625, NADCAP & AS9100 applications.

  • California Team and Facilities.

  • Engineering Divisions.

  • Customer Service Team.

  • Replacement Parts Quotation.

  • Local Inventory and Parts.

  • Multiple Top-tier manufacturer direct branch.


Why Us

    Ryotronics has tremendous advantage of technology, warranty and pricing directly from our own manufacturing sites. dedicated to provide Pro-Grade rectifiers and pump/filter to Electro plating and Anodizing Manufacturer/Users who pursue high quality Mil-Grade, Industrial and Automotive Applications.​​


Whether you are servicing plating, anodizing, coating or pre-process of metal sheets, you will always find Ryotronics is solid in quality and bugedtary control for your choices.


One dedicated  system of contact for all your services, our integrated procurement, sales, logistic  and engineering divisions are available  in business hour - both the US and Asia.​​

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Engineering Team

    Located in Ontario, Californian local engineering division, along with the 50-engineers battalion from the design/mfg house across the pacific ocean, multiple facilities and over 450 staffs globally.

California local team has total over 25 decades of experience in the design and manufacture of  High-Control Accuracy SCR / Switch / Pulse types rectifiers and pump, filter system, on top of more than 70-different lines of customization experience.


Ryotronics' technical team are stationed in Taiwan factory and the US operation center.  Fast and reliable service is available from our U.S. Engineering team in Los Angeles, California 6 days a week.


The Group

    Proactive, aggressive and responsive team members determined to be the most powerful "Power Pumping Team" in South California  dedicated helping customers who are focusing on Military, Exotic Automotive parts or Precious Metal Surface Finishing.


Business covers national-wide territories  with Sales Rep. and Distribution companies. Canada Local (Technical) Visit and Support is also available upon request. Multiple sales and operation locations - Orange County &  Ontario California.  And national wide service sales rep., engineering personal stationed in the Midwest, the South and New England Areas.


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