Ryotronics Inc. - Ontario, California

"Business is not for just one day"  - So we are pretty much the only rectifier mfg. that also repair other brands rectifiers, old or new.

"As we have experienced in various levels of supply chains, Ryotronics Inc. sincerely feels the same way as our customer to a robust, reliable yet precision rectifier."



    Over 4 decades of crafting the top-quality Rectifier, our machine output ranges from a single-machine, micro-adjustable 600W to redundant-setup 2-Megawatts. Targeting the applications of high-precision automotive, lab-use testing equipment, precious metal plating, 3 3ypes of anodizing applications. We deliver our quality machines to some of the world’s top-tier manufacturers of intelligent phone anodizing treatment lines and US local solar panel plating facilities.


    RYOTRONICS also distributing Pump/Filter systems, our lines are exclusively authorized by the largest Pump/Filter system manufacturer in Asia - SuperGiant / SuperPump Enterprise. With their direct-branch level support and pricing, we ensure your pump/filter demand will be fulfilled securely and fairly.


* Optional On-Site equipment set-up and service advice are included with your purchase.


* Multi-corporation allied operation center in North America, our Power Industries are covering not only Power Supplies, Rectifiers, and Engineering Testing Equipment, at Ryotronics Inc., you will also see a high potential of Electronics Business Integration in the U.S. from different aspects.


* Combined more than 40 + years of combined Power Sales experience in the U.S. industries. We assure that our customers are supported by a truly economical solution and long-term business partnership.


* 1 Year limited warranty from Manufacturers through Ryotronics Inc. Standard 2 years and up to 5 years of the complete warranty.

* Multi-Resources, materials, design engineering teams and backup supports when needed.


* Our manufacturing sites are Global-Leading and Recognized-Legacy high-power equipment crafting center. Instead of risking our quality for lower mfg. cost, all the products distributed by Ryotronics Inc. are made in Engineering HQ. - We have our Quality and design engineers providing real-time monitoring for continuous support.