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"Business is not for just one day"  - So we are pretty much the only rectifier mfg. that also repair other brands rectifiers, old or new, plus *LONGEST WARRANTY in the industry.

"As we have experienced in various levels of supply chains, Ryotronics Inc. sincerely feels the same way as our customer to a robust, reliable yet precise-power delivering rectifier."



    Over 4 decades of crafting the top-quality Rectifier, our machine output ranges from a single-machine, micro-adjustable 600W to redundant-setup 2-Megawatts. Targeting the applications of high-precision automotive, lab-use testing equipment, precious metal plating, Aluminum/Titanium Anodizing Type I/II/III applications. We deliver our quality machines to some of the world’s top-tier manufacturers of intelligent phone anodizing treatment lines and US local solar panel plating facilities.


    RYOTRONICS also distributing Pump/Filter systems, our lines are exclusively authorized by the largest Pump/Filter system manufacturer in Asia - SuperGiant / SuperPump Enterprise. With their direct-branch level support and pricing, we ensure your pump/filter demand will be fulfilled securely and fairly.


* Optional On-Site equipment set-up and service advice are included with your purchase.


* Multi-corporation allied operation center in North America, our Power Industries are covering not only Power Supplies, Rectifiers, and Engineering Testing Equipment, at Ryotronics Inc., you will also see a high potential of Electronics Business Integration in the U.S. from different aspects.


* Combined more than 40 + years of combined Power Sales experience in the U.S. industries. We assure that our customers are supported by a truly economical solution and long-term business partnership.


* 1 Year limited warranty from Manufacturers through Ryotronics Inc. Standard 2 years and up to 5 years of the complete warranty.

* Multi-Resources, materials, design engineering teams and backup supports when needed.


* Our manufacturing sites are Global-Leading and Recognized-Legacy high-power equipment crafting center. Instead of risking our quality for lower mfg. cost, all the products distributed by Ryotronics Inc. are made in Engineering HQ. - We have our Quality and design engineers providing real-time monitoring for continuous support.

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