Pro-Grade Industrial Rectifiers - We're capable refurbish / Repair other brands' machines!

Metal Plating, Anodizing, Solar Panel B-Chrome, Waste Water / Gas Treatments and Hardening Anodization.

Air/Water Cooling SCR, 1000A to 40,000A @ 100V.

    The Most Advanced SCR Water/Force-Air Rectifier, Covers output range from 0.1 A ~ 40,000 A, precious metal to whole vehicle chassis anodizing Type III Applications, Military, and TS16949 Auto Standard.

Switch Power Upgradable-Customization

Our Switching Rectifiers are capable of standard totalizer, cycle status and even ramp or pulse controls.

Switch Power for Precious Metal Platings

Switch Type Rectifier, naturally low ripple noise, easy rackable design and ultimate flexibility for small-scale metal finishing applications.

Central Console

Available not only digital PLC control up to 128 machines operation in the same time. We also have legacy analog control by central console for flexibility of line setup at your conveniences.

Advanced Control Capabilities - Ramp, Pulse and Reverse Polarized Control types.

RYOTRONICS Inc. High-Line rectifiers are equipeed with the most Advanced Control Features including spectrum-Ramping, Advanced 24-Pulse and Auto Reverse precision to 3 seconds.


Highest Grade Building Materials

**All critical diode and chips are from Sweden ABB or Germany Mikron Mfg. products, 250% avg cost.


Government-Construction Grade Oil-Cooling RECTIFIERS

Forced Air Cooling or Oil Cooling, some for national infrastructure application and some for Rail Raod multi-decade maintenance-free qualification.

Redundant Switch Rectifier - Swappable + Group Control.

From 0+1 to 7+1 up to 4000A/24V Redundancy -  Internet Server type design to ensure you never have a line down

Anodizing Treatment-Specified

Ryotronics Inc. Hi-Line TC-Power Rectifier, suitable for anodizing type I, II, and III. Up to 4 Mega wattage Output, providing best result of industrial plating process.

The *Most Versatile Standard Controller at no additional cost.

Standard features - 1% precision control, Totalizator, Constant Current and Voltage adjustment plus 20 Marks preset features.

RS-485 Comm.

Standard communication de RYOTRONICS Inc. rectifier build-in feature. We provides double or 4 layers compact-yet-durable design, bring you a new versatile machine.

To all the users in the United States - we are the only manufacturer ensures your demand will be 100% fulfilled.


Each year, Hundreds of customized projects have proved that our quality and flexibility has advertised our brand name and services. From small analog switch to sophisticated low voltage trigger attach-on PCB activation, Ryotronics has your needs covered. 


Highest Grade Building Materials

**All critical diode and chips are from Sweden ABB or Germany SemiKron mfg.

  • TC-Power Direct branch in America.

  • To the use of MIL-C-14550 Certifications.

  • North-America Operation Center.

  • Engineering Division.

  • Sales.

  • Customer Service.

  • Replacement Parts Quotation.

Up-scale Rectifier Customization

Production Line Essentials

RYOTRONICS Inc. / TC-Power is a Global Leading and Recognized Legacy high-power equipment supplier. Instead of risking the quality for cheaper Mfg. cost, all the TC Power products distributed by Ryotronics Inc. are all made in Engineering Taiwan HQ.


    During past 3 decades, we gained a considerable fame by providing quality equipment to users likes Waste Water Management (Government units), Metal Coating / Finishing, Consuming (A company), Racing Automotive (H company) factories and IT Hardware/System-Integrators, all have been using our products as the reliable sole source when new lines applications came in.



With over 73 standard power form factor/ models, range from 0.1A - 40,000A High-Efficiency outputs, plus full-pack of PP/PVC/SUS/PVDF pumps and filter systems, you will no longer need to be worried about Mfg. line shut-down issues or instant equipment supplies needs.


    Ryotronics Inc. provides seamless technical support and helps customers to find solutions in the shortest LT.


    All information provided is well kept and we will help you to line out the options timely, so your replacement is no longer an issue when current supplier chain turns to pieces.

Your Trusted Anodizing and Plating Rectifier Supplier


Ryotronics is a dependable authorized rectifier supplier. We proudly manufactured and distribute professional-grade switch and SCR rectifiers for a number of applications, including metal finishing, plating, and more. 


Manufactured from high-quality materials, the products we supply are reliable, durable, and exceed your expectations. When it comes to metal finishing processes, you need a switch or SCR rectifiers that can remain efficient under harsh conditions.


Call today to request an honest quote from an industry-trusted rectifier supplier. We offer distribution pricing and fast service. We also encourage you to visit our Ontario, California headquarters to learn more about the rectifiers we carry.

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A proud sponsor and member of Metal Finishing Association of Southern California and National Assocation for Surface Finishing.


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